AMP Nylon Butt Splice Self Insulated Window - PR Supply
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AMP Window Butt Connectors

Blue 16-14GA Window Butt Splice
Red 22-18GA Window Butt Splice
Clear 24-20GA Window Butt Splice
Yellow 26-24GA Window Butt Splice

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The inspection window allows you to see that full insertion has been accomplished. A bell-shaped barrel provides increased strain relief.  USA made. Military spec.


Color Gauge
Yellow 26-24GA Butt Splice, Window, MS-7928/5-1
Clear 24-20GA Butt Splice, Window, MS-7928/5-2
Red 22-18GA Butt Splice, Window, MS-7928/5-3
Blue 16-14GA Butt Splice, Window, MS-7928/5-4