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ACT Light-Duty Cable Clamp

ACT Light-Duty Cable Clamp

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Introducing the Light Duty Black Cable Clamps from Advance Cable Ties. These versatile clamps offer the ideal solution for securing cables, harnesses, and hoses with ease. Designed specifically for light-duty applications, they provide a reliable and efficient way to keep your wires organized and protected. Whether it's in the workshop or for everyday use, these cable clamps are a must-have for any task that requires tidy cable management. Trust in their quality and durability to get the job done right.

100pcs per bag

1/4" Clamp AL-CCL-250-0-C 3/8" Clamp AL-CCL2-375-0-C
Diameter: .267"/6.80mm Diameter: .425"/10.80mm
Width: .397"/10.10mm Width: .472"/10.80mm
Center: .409"/10.40mm Center: .492"/12.50mm
Thickness: .047"/1.20mm Thickness: .055"/1.40mm
Mounting Hole #8 Screw Mounting Hole #8 Screw
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