Split Loom UV Black Polyethylene - PR Supply

Split Loom UV Black Polyethylene


Designed to meet the diverse needs of wiring applications, this flexible tubing offers a reliable and efficient solution for organizing and protecting wires. Its unique split design allows for easy installation and removal of wires at any point along the length of the tubing, ensuring convenience and flexibility during maintenance or modifications.

 With its easy installation, exceptional durability, and outstanding abrasion resistance, this tubing ensures that your wiring remains secure, protected, and free from damage. Trust in our top-quality product to enhance the longevity and performance of your electrical systems.

  • Dresses up install
  • Protects wire from breakage
  • Easy to split for wire insertion
  • Resistant to gas, oil, and chemicals
  • Temperature range --34 C (-30F) to 93 C (200 F),