Why Choose Vulcan?
  • Substantially Longer Cutting Life
The Nitro-Carburized flute has an increased Rockwell hardness.

  • Cuts Harder Materials
The flatter point takes a smaller chip. More torque is directed to a smaller area. This
allows drilling into materials with hardness of over 30 on the Rockwell "C" scale.

  • Stops Drill Walking
The split point design gives accurate starting without the use of a center punch.

  • Runs Cooler, Uses Less Torque
135 degree split point takes a smaller chip resulting in less hear. Friction is reduced by
the amber gold surface.

  • Holds Tighter Hole Size
The split point design is self-centering. This limits the normal oversize drilling

  • Outstanding Quality Apppearance
The rich gold color sets it apart from comodity cutting tools.

  • Stops Chuck Slippage
Flats on drill shanks allow easy positive chuck grip.

   Vulcan Vs. Cobalt
The Vulcan drills will substantially outperform cobalt drills in work hardening stainless
steel applications. This performance advantage is the result of construction differences
between the two types of drills. CObalt drills, manufactured to Type J NAS 907 Specs,
have a very thick web. This web is neccasary to limit breakage of the brittle cobalt steel.
The web on a Vulcan drill can be thinned considerably due to the toughness of the steel.

A Vulcan drill with its thin web will penetrate the work hardening stainless fast enough to
continually cut beneath the chip, which is being hardened from deformation. This means
the drill is cutting softer steel.

In other words...
The new Vulcans are really cool. Your gonna like 'em.
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